Our contribution to charity

CustomWare is a proud sponsor of the Bathabile Charity.  We’ve just update their website, please go have a look.

If you want to know what you can contribute, please check the News section, they have a list of things at the end of the first story.  Also keep in mind that Bathabile helps people uplift themselves, no-one gets a free ride.  And none of the people running it get any of the money contributed, it all goes straight into the program.

SBS, Exchange, POP3 and Anti-virus – A sticky combination

I went through a steep learning curve on the SBS 2003 Exchange POP3 connector yesterday.  One of our clients had complaints that they weren’t receiving the majority of their emails, but still receiving some.  My first thought was that their ISP had a failure, but after confirmation of that it was found that the Exchange server was successfully downloading all POP3 mailboxes from the ISP.

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Flowers Your Way Website

This project has just gone online, you can have a look over here.

Because of the amount of photos, I decided to use the LightSource controls to enable picture viewing.  It worked out nicely, and you can scroll between related photos, using the mouse (hover over the top right and left of photos for the link to appear) or the arrow keys, to get back to the thumbnail view, you can just press “X” or “Esc” on the keyboard.

There are some outstanding sections on the site currently, but these will be there soon.

Is your investment in technology working for you?

Your business has invested a lot in technology so far.  From desktop/laptop computers, to your copier or multi-function devices.

Is this investment working for your business?

Are things happening as fast as they could?

What exactly am I talking about (you’re probably asking yourself that right now)

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Exchange server stops working

One of our clients have had a problem over recent weeks, where for no visible reason, the exchange server would just stop working.  At first they took it upon themselves to restart the server, and this would sort out the problem.  Until the next night, when the same thing would happen.

Obviously, this daily restart is not the solution to the problem.

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