Testing your backups

Most people know the importance of backups, and probably do them religiously in their businesses. But these same people normally get bitten after the disaster has struck, because they cannot restore that backup.

There could be various reasons.

The point here is that once you’ve made a backup of your critical data, how sure are you that you can actually restore the data?

It is pretty pointless to have your data on a tape or external drive, but there’s no way to restore it. So without ever testing a restore, your backup solution is only 50% done. Continue reading “Testing your backups”

Some introspection is required, regularly

Last week I was asked by an old friend to have a quick look at their server, because they were experiencing severe performance problems in their Point of Sale system.

Now they’re by no means a large business, with about 35 users on the system at its busiest, but when the shop is busy you can ill afford having your critical systems hold up business. Continue reading “Some introspection is required, regularly”

Is your investment in technology working for you?

Your business has invested a lot in technology so far.  From desktop/laptop computers, to your copier or multi-function devices.

Is this investment working for your business?

Are things happening as fast as they could?

What exactly am I talking about (you’re probably asking yourself that right now)

Continue reading “Is your investment in technology working for you?”