Is your investment in technology working for you?

Your business has invested a lot in technology so far.  From desktop/laptop computers, to your copier or multi-function devices.

Is this investment working for your business?

Are things happening as fast as they could?

What exactly am I talking about (you’re probably asking yourself that right now)

Here’s a few examples…

  • When you scan a document on your MFD (multi-function device), is it a 3 minute exercise every time, or is it as simple as walking back to your PC and having the scanned image there already.
  • When doing your month-end billing for services rendered to your clients, is it a matter of recapturing every item in the spreadsheet you so meticulously kept during the month on to the invoice, or can you click a button and have that invoice generated for you in a few seconds?
  • When sending out that critical status report to the group that needs it, do you have to scroll through your contact list every time?

This could grow into a long list, but I’ll stop here.  Most small business owners do not have the time to stop and think about most of these things, because you’re so busy trying to keep your busisness on the right path.  But if you had a few improvements in place, you will definitely have more time to spend on the critical core of your business, and keeping your clients a lot happier.

This is a service we can fulfil for you.  We have years of experience in automating those repeatable tasks in any business.  By spending a few hours with us, you could be saving yourself days every month, using basic automation of business processes.

Here’s a free tip for now, if you have a regular mail going out to a group of people for meeting minutes, or status reports, spend 2 minutes extra the first time to setup a distribution group in your email client, and then you only have to type one name every time you send that email.

A small saving of a minute every time you sned an email to this group.  But imagine if we automate 60 of these little processes every day.  That’s an hour extra to spend with your family, or to concentrate on more important things.

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