Business uses for the Amazon Kindle

This is most definitely not another review for the Amazon Kindle.  If you don’t know what the Kindle is, please go have a look here for some more information.  In essence, it is the future of paper books and documents.

Now most people will be using the Kindle for its intended use, as an electronic book reader, easier to carry around than an actual book, and it hold multiple books, with the ability to acquire more on the move.

I have heard few people actually thinking of more uses for the reader.

Here is my take on it.  I believe that in the not too distant future, people will not be sitting around a meeting table with a piece of paper in front of them anymore.

Instead they’ll have a device, like the Amazon Kindle, or the Apple iPad, where the required documents for the meeting will be sent to the device by the meeting organiser, and these could be updated while the meeting is ongoing, or just before.

You can easily annotate your meeting documents, and potentially share these notes with everyone in the meeting, without the need to do it manually at a later stage.

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